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Master Alessandro Barbaro


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Artist Luigi Moro


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Director Emiliano Bocalon


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>> Master Alessandro Barbaro

12 works Alessandro Barbaro, the glass master who gives life to Luigi Moro's concepts and ideas: using big scissors and heavy tools he shapes glass in a surrounding apparently unsuitable and inhospitable for such a transparent and fragile material. But from heat and colourful sands Alessandro's touch and ability give birth to elegant moving horses, to powerful and wild lions and tigers and graceful deers and gazelles. Alessandro Barbaro's talent, emerging also from the more commercial production, finds its natural expression in the different conceptual and figurative creations, such as the peculiar optical effects of vases like aquariums or sculptures depicting human heads and animals.

>> Artist Luigi Moro

Il vetro nasce dal fuoco. le sculture di Luigi Moro sono emozioni che nascono dal vetro proponendo un suggestivo accostamento tra le piu’ tradizionali tecniche di lavorazione e la sensibilita' astratta di un'artista.

>> Director Emiliano Bocalon

He's the "trade union" between the abstract art and the realization in coloured crystal with the artists and the hard and the naked truth of the factory.