Glass has very far and old origins
Archeologists discovered glass beads in the area of Mesopotamia that belong to 3.000 b.c.

During the centuries through Fenics Egiptians and Romans the glass arrive in Murano during the XII Century a.c.
During that time Republic of Venice is a very rich and powerfull kingdom based on trade and the naval fleet reach all countrirs of Mediterranean sea.


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The glass factory Colleoni has always been the dream of Luigi Moro since he was a boy coming forward on the artisanal glass world of Murano. He was immediately envolved in the glass creation and business, but he was very often depressed in seeing that tendencially Murano was just following the tradition without any innovation idea, he observed that in most of the cases this tradition was only a reason to be able to make the things easier and make easy money just using the name of this very old and famous art. This is probably the reason, which conditioned him during his youth and pushed him to cut the collaboration of the others; His idea was to create, better then a factory, a sort of artisanal village, where the artisanal, assisted ansd supervised by him could create original works of art and where himself could be a new glass artist. Day after dat, step by step accumulating positive and negative experiences, the birth of the COLLEONI took place with the cooperation of the Masters Alessandro Barbaro.

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